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Copy&Paste text once and grab it from any device you want!

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What is this?

The best online clipboard manager.

It's super simple.

This online paste tool makes it easy to store your code snippets, short notes and links. Get started in just 3 steps:

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It's long-term.

easyPaste© online clipbaord doesn't have an expiration date for your clipboard history. You can always access your 10 latest notes at any time.

It's accessible from anywhere.

This independent internet clipboard is a convenient and fast text sharing tool - all your notes just at one click away from any device.

How to use it?

Here's a quick tutorial:


Step 1

Sign into easyPaste using your login and password.


Step 2

Paste text, a code snippet or a link into the input field.


Step 3

Press "Paste it!" button or hit the Enter key.



That's it. Easy, wasn't it?

How can I get it?

Wow. You got here early

I am working hard to polish the final product before releasing it to the public. If you want to be a part of the beta testing team and help me with the project — sign up using this form:

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